Physician Services supports billing on the following CCHIT certified EMR’s:

    • Power Chart*
    • eClinicalWorks
    • Centricity
    • AllScripts, MyWay
    • eMD’s

*Power Chart interfaces with the Cerner billing software used by Physician Services.   A physician or group can lease the EMR software alone, without the billing component, for an extremely reasonable monthly fee.

Incentives for Electronic Health Records

 2012 is the last year that you can implement Electronic Health Records (EHR) and receive up to the full $44,000 incentive from Medicare.  If your practice is predominately Medicaid, the incentive is $63,750.  If you haven’t converted to a certified EHR by 2015, Medicare will begin to reduce your payments. 

Learning Curve

There is a learning curve to implementing any EHR.  If you are trying to convert your billing at the same time, your revenue stream could be jeopardized.   

By contracting with Physician Services, you do not have to purchase the billing module and you can be sure that your billing will be done correctly and kept current.